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    "The author is a retired M.D. with a long interest in physics, philosophy and politics - the three P's. The important things in life. Of which, the last one is by necessity.

                                            “You may lack an interest in politics, but politics will not lack an interest in you”, said Pericles, 2450 years ago.

    Actually, he said, “We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all.” Democracy was mob rule at that time, and manipulated by the leadership. It’s interesting how nothing changes. The author believes that interest is not enough to join the mob. Knowledge and experience as well as a thorough understanding of principles the country was founded upon is also necessary. Voting should be based on merit. Now there is an interest in politics.

    Physics does not come easily to someone with only average mathematical skills, but then Einstein was not great at math either. Good, but not great. He got assistance with the mathematics. Willingness to think deeply about the essence of physical events is a prerequisite to understanding the essence of physical problems. I have always enjoyed the subject of physics. A career using the effects of radiation kept that alive after undergraduate physics.

    Philosophy we all have an interest in, although some are not aware that they are wrestling with philosophical ideas. My book shelves spill over.

    The 3 P's are all mixed together in all our lives. Although they are separate disciplines, it is amazing how they are intertwined.

    We all have opinions; you will read about mine. The most interesting part is the new view of foundational physics. I think you will enjoy the trip.

    I was born in Indiana, am married and have children. Study and writing occupy me. I am a Humanist. That subject will be in the book as well. The Whole Enchilada as a book will touch on many things but in a specific way. That is, from the point of view of standing on a firm foundation that will support all other ideas we have about the nature of things. Have a coherent worldview. Read the TWE and UOT!

    ~George D. Conger

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