NOV 2017

    In a sentence..... and as a beginning, since I know you can’t wait.

    The whole universe oscillates.

    Everything above the fundamental “field” of oscillation level is a form of oscillation that is more commonly thought of as a wave. It is the “wave” of quantum physics more so than a wave in classical physics.

    Now, I mean literally everything. Even solids are waves.

    At this time I think I will place  “mind” at the top of the hierarchy of wave oscillation.The mind is the single most complex object in the universe.

    .Please, let me know of other ways you believe that our even more complex. I am open to suggestions.Please stick with non-metaphysical ideas.

    More later.


    Feb 2018 Copyright to book and UOT.

    UOT, A bit more....

    Universal Oscillation Theory or UOT                                                                          Feb 2018

    This is to give notice (copyright) of a new theory. Universal Oscillation Theory.

    Physics has been stuck in a wave paradigm for over a century now.

    Waves are referred to collectively as bundles of light and individually as “photons”; the latter usually described as “excitations” or “disturbances” of the EM field; the latter, for which we are indebted, is from John Clerk Maxwell.

    Bosons are very similar in many ways. You have certainly heard of the Higgs boson, but perhaps not the Gluons (Strong Force), and the W, W+,W-, and Z bosons (Weak Force). You might also suspect that besides photons, bosons appear in the UOT fundamental field, the FF of oscillation.  

    Oscillation has been mentioned as the major underlying property of a wave, such as Photons and Bosons, and is fundamental to the theories involved with those phenomena.

    But, the oscillation aspect is never, to date, been the focus of the paradigm. It will be going forward, because I am announcing the UOT.

    T for theory. U for universe or universal. O for oscillation. But, oscillation? In what sense?

    The oscillation is referring to the “Now” of universal state change. That is what Time is; a continuous oscillation between the two states. Taken all together, matter, antimatter, and the back and forth of the oscillation, we have the description of the fundamental state of nature.

    It is easier to conceive of when taken as a collection of oscillations. Such as a field of wheat, or just a “field”. When one realizes that oscillations in motion are waves and that they have frequency (and wave length) and travel in the field at a specific velocity you have described much of the common photon. When you realize that each photon has a specific frequency and that frequency is the energy of the photon, you are nearly there. Now, consider that the fundamental field is the medium, the field that photons and everything else arise from, you’ve got it! The medium is the FF.

    That is universal oscillation and its consequences. Why? Who knows? But, all of quantum mechanics and classical mechanics is compatible with this idea. There is nothing more fundamental in nature than oscillation, it is universal, when we look more deeply. All subsequent phenomena can be explained from this starting point. Space is not primary. Time is not primary. The field is not primary. It is universal oscillation that is primary. The FF is only the collective view.

    The UOT amounts to a generalization of wave physics, but goes beyond that to describe the most likely mechanism. I have to admit that John Nordberg’s Ball of Light theory was very helpful. Unfortunately, he does not have a foundation his mechanism and UOT has a different explanation of what gravity amounts to; it is the primary relationship of mass as a manifestation of oscillation but also to other masses. It is affected by accelerations and distances that are field requirements. That is what gravity is. It is a property of the field. These masses are at different levels of energy. These different levels of "potential" energy help to describe what happens in the universal field.

    “The primary relationship of mass to itself” Ever heard of that one? You haven’t heard of the “to itself” part. I emphasize that aspect. Imagine a single fundamental oscillation isolated in the universal field or a galaxy isolated in some remote part of the universe; both are self-attractive. The single oscillation oscillates around its center. Back and forth between matter and antimatter. The center of this action is gravity. The oscillation has a center point between matter and antimatter. Both need each other, they are each dependent upon and attracted to the center of oscillation.

    Now you have it! Gravity is a built-in consequence of the oscillation. When a complex of waves has made mass part of a particle, we now have the more usual conception of gravity, but I hope you can now see the intuition for the underlying attraction of matter and antimatter. Think about a black hole. That’s the reason matter falls into the black hole, aka, the fundamental field. The inertia part of mass comes from mass having a position in the field. Mass is held in place by potential differences in the “energy” of the fundamental field.

    The UOT adds the universal to the oscillation so that the instantaneous states of matter and antimatter, everywhere and at all times throughout the universe are a result of this universal oscillation. Details of the mechanism are in the forthcoming book. TWE and UOT, a worldview.

    A major reason for the delay is the overambitious attempt to tie everything together using the UOT and determinism to anchor the philosophy. I am trying to build it all up to something as mundane as the Human mind. See the reason for the delay?

    Yes, there will be more details on the UO and FF and how it all works in the book.

    George D Conger


    Feb 2018 On Black Holes

    Black Holes

    Granted, the TV “Nova” is not cutting edge astrophysics, but it presents Black Holes as something that cannot be explained, at least by current theories. Unfortunately, mine is not known yet. However, I am here to let the cosmologists know that there is a modern theory that explains black holes logically and is also consistent with other non-creationist theories of the universe. Maybe some academic institution will find me a grant and listen to me for a year or so. Don’t hold your breath.

    Quite simply, black holes are a glimpse of the fundamental field, the FF. The FF is the foundational level of the physical world. It is the level at which oscillation is ubiquitous.

    [It will be helpful here to know that UO is considered to be an oscillation back and forth between matter and antimatter. This happens in the FF at an infinitely high rate. This means that for all practical purposes matter and antimatter are two sides of one coin. They cannot be separated. Not in the FF, that is. As you know, humans can provide transient glimpses of antimatter. They are called positrons. They exist in that state for less than nanoseconds.

    If you imagine an infinitesimal spot in the FF, an oscillation, and then have that spot move in space, you have created what we call a wave. Waves are moving oscillations. The kinetic energy of the moving wave is provided by potential differences in the FF. That is a brief note on UO. It is really just the infinite and infinitesimal aspects at a location in space, or throughout space that creates the conceptual difficulties. Not to mention the infinite duration of the FF. It is the infinite aspect of this that creates the problem of proof. That cannot be done.]

    All physical events have their beginning and are sustained by the FF. Black holes are a natural consequence of the ideas in Universal Oscillation Theory, UOT. Details on this level will be in the book The Whole Enchilada and Universal Oscillation Theory. TWE and UOT.

    As you know there is no direct evidence for black holes. We cannot measure them or photograph them. They emit no visible light. I won’t go through the indirect evidence for them here, but I will do a short explanation of what they most likely consist.

    First,, however, I have to tell you a bit about the FF.

    In order to have some sort of frame of reference look at an EM radiation chart. On the left, zero frequency (Energy) and on the right frequency as high as we can measure it.

    Here is an example:

    The chart is self-explanatory but I have found that the frequencies at each place in the spectrum are the best way to remember visualize a distribution of energy. Frequency is directly tied to energy. I suppose I should show Planck’s Law here:

    You may see the E=hf as E=hν. The Greek letter N is Nu. In the Latin version, the lower case is v for nu.

    The v is similar to the v for velocity, so context is important. But remember frequency and wavelength*n1 are reciprocals. *n2


    *n1 Wavelength see

    *n2 Reciprocals see


    Back to the Field view

    The FF is the sum of oscillation that exists everywhere. The oscillation is ubiquitous. Its rate of oscillation, or “vibration”, extends from the infinitely high where it cannot be measured, to the infinitely slow, where it also cannot be measured. These limits are not “limited” in the usual sense of those terms. There is a consequence to something that has no finite limits. Infinity is a conceptual problem for humans, but it exists and we try to fathom it.  

    To explain that a bit more. An infinitely high rate of oscillation explains things like the high energy end of the EM spectrum. Beyond gamma ray.  An infinitely low rate of oscillation explains the other end of the EM spectrum. Beyond (below) radio waves.

    Because of these properties, space and time cannot be measured while at this FF level of existence. Only when phenomena of a grosser sort arises from the FF and comes into the human sphere of existence as measurable EM phenomena, properties of elemental particles, ordinary matter, gravity and the like can we observe, test, and utilize them in verifiable physics. That is the world of ordinary observation and technical device recognition.

    This sketch of the FF should be enough to describe a black hole. We are aware of black holes because of the qualities of black holes. We are intuiting what the FF would be if we could see it or measure it somehow. I mean directly, which we cannot. We surmise the existence of the FF and its presence explains why certain places in space are devoid of ordinary matter but are there because they have to be.

    Let me explain this necessity part from a slightly different perspective.

    Since we have not discussed all the properties of the FF we are not fully aware of consequences such as its dual-aspect matter and antimatter, symmetry, and conservation of energy to mention just a few.

    So, when a region of space, say the Milky Way galaxy, exists the laws of physics have been obeyed. This is the deterministic part. It means that the visible aspects of the MW, the “dust”, the stars, and things like gravitational attraction, are evidence of the underlying oscillation. Those are the ordinarily known quantities or “matter”. We tend to forget there is also, the anti-matter present. 50% of the so-called “missing” matter in our galaxy is invisible to ordinary means; neutrinos, baryonic matter, and EM phenomena beyond gamma and radio limits, to mention a few. The total consists of ordinary “stuff” and non-ordinary stuff. These all exist due to field necessity, better known perhaps as cause and effect. It is the “now” of existence. To put it in economic or banking terms, the FF has made deposits or credits. There are the concomitant debits. The part withdrawn.

    To keep all in balance, as required by fundamental oscillation, these hidden debits must be there somewhere. In the basement vault, better known as a black hole. Ah! Now we understand.

    Black holes are a glimpse of the fundamental field

    A black hole is a necessary part of the balance of nature. It is the nonobservable part. But it has to be there. We have evidence for it.

    Wherever there is emission from the FF or Black Hole, that is the mechanism for providing the oscillation energy that eventually becomes the birth of a star. The material being sucked into the black hole is the deposit or absorption absorption by the black hole. The balance is always a net zero. The FF is neutral overall, A black hole is just like it. A black hole is evidence for the FF. They are one and the same thing.

    That’s it! A basic sketch of what a black hole consists of.

    I wish Nova would just ask me.


    March 2018

    The Universal Oscillation Theory in a nutshell


    Once you eliminate the impossible,

    whatever remains,

    no matter how improbable,

    must be the truth  

      -Arthur Conan Doyle*


    In the TWE and UOT, we learn that a good place to start is with the concept of Nothing.

    To discard Nothing, we have Something. Immediately Something becomes the Universe.

    We define the Universe as all that there is. Period and end. Multiple universes is an abstraction of the theoretic sort.

    The universe had no beginning, it will have no ending: it is just ceaseless change. Since it changes in only one direction of time, you can say it evolves.

    Next, we need a mechanism that can explain how it all works. What makes the universe tick? How does the physical universe change from moment to moment? How does it evolve?

    The mechanism is oscillation.

    What kind of oscillation?

    It is an oscillation between two states. Matter and Anti-matter. For the moment just think of those as opposite sides of the same coin. Whatever happens to one happens to the other, just in opposite ways, such as negative and positive charge. One can't have one without the other. We will get to those in more detail later, but now let's develop further the understanding of the oscillation.

    First aspect. Infinite or universal. Throughout the infinite universe the oscillation between the two states is immediate; meaning the two states occur simultaneously. This ties all change together.

    Think of it this way: You are probably familiar with holograms. A medium captures two different split-in-two and projected waves. one of an object, the other as standard without the object. This creates a phase difference. These are then projected onto a medium and the result is a 3D effect. For a live moving object, a medium such as water mist is needed. Then you can see and walk around the image. These two split light beams can also be projected onto a film medius. This is how it works. Sort of.

    So, a universal oscillation creates two states of matter. But, we are usually just concerned with the matter state, the one we live in more directly. This matter changes throughout the universe in a manner somewhat analogous to a hologram.

    The point being that everything in the infinite universe is tied together by the fundamental oscillation.

    Second aspect. Local change. At each and every infinitesimal spot in the universe, there is an instantaneous change in the frequency of oscillation. This occurs, this is "allowed" because of the infinite nature of the oscillation. Think of change occurring in an "infinite" way as being timeless. This allows multiple effects to occur in the same region of space. The underlying infinite oscillation and the more local state of oscillation.

    I know this sounds Rube Goldbergish the first time through but the fact of infinity has to be included in our worldview and this included physics as well..

    The Third aspect. Space. The infinite oscillation can also be considered as the place where it happens. We invent the word "space" for this.

    The Fourth aspect. Time. As the oscillation changes or evolves from state to state and in order to think of past, present, and future we need the concept of time. The changes of state from moment to moment is time evolving or elapsing.

    The Fifth aspect. Field. We can take the first aspect, the universal aspect and think of it as a field of action. A physical field. Doing this allows a more convenient way to describe the changes rather than specifying frequencies of oscillations at the spacial X, Y, and Z location. The underlying infinite oscillation and the local forms are thought of as "field" provided changes. This handy concept allows the concept of "potential" in the field as another assist in mentally constructing what is happening at a "deeper" level of occurrence.

    Incidental aspects.

    -There are no dimensions at the fundamental level. Dimensions mean finite measurements. There are none possible here.

    -The field is everywhere and at a hidden rate because of that infinitely high frequency. Frequency, by the way, is the QM view of energy. Oscillation = Frequency = Energy. Just different terminology, and each is used from a different perspective.

    -This field is the black hole of modern physics. The physicists are slowly becoming aware of this, the UOT mechanism. However, the language they use is terrible. Boundaries. Spacetime. Space bending. Singularities. Time warps. Worm holes. Membranes. Strings. Loops. Holograms.

    -Some of those words correspond to accepted physics and some do not, according to the TWE UOT, that is. Some of those concepts are metaphors used as part of the explanation.

    -At this point I think different levels of existence might be a helpful concept.

    -As you can readily grasp, the FF is not something we can deal with. It is fundamental and its infinitely short change of state, which is our more familiar “now”, precludes any actual measurement or observation. But, the FF is only the beginning of the story. The next level up is important.

    I use the ascending metaphor because the FF energy is foundational. So, the next level up refers to waves, which are oscillations moving in space. They are oscillations that are moving in the field; not just oscillating in place. Because of this they are finite; they have a beginning and an end; alas once again, something we cannot measure.

    -To move in the FF creates a relativity problem. The wave is moving relative to the infinite field. Therefore, it is now in its own state of reality. Here we use the word reality as we ordinarily use it, meaning “real” to Humans.

    -Reality is what we perceive as objects or events occurring in time. It is our perspective. Actual reality is an infinitesimally short event in time and space. We cannot freeze the universe in order to have a nonmoving reality. Our perception of real things in time are just what the brain is capable of perceiving. It is just a poor copy as Plato suggests.

    It is how or where our worldview begins.




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